The Moose Patrol

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The group that has come to be known as the Moose Patrol has been doing an annual motorcycle trip each year since 2004. There have been many different riders who have ridden over the years but the group has basically evolved to the following, Jack M., Dan P., Jeff F., Gene O., Gary C., Dick M., Bob M., Tom M. and Walter B.

Places that we’ve visited include the HD Factory in York, the Gettysburg Battlefield, the Baseball Hall of Fame, along with many others.

Although we’ve only been called the Moose Patrol in recent years, thanks to the SOFR, the first incident of a moose being part of the lore of our trips came during dinner one night when we were all planning a joke on Bobby C. that involved an alleged sighting of a moose along the road. Bobby hadn’t come down to dinner yet and the rest of us were just howling with laughter while discussing the plot. Bobby was always part of the group until he suffered his stroke. Now, each year, we look for a photo op with some moose related prop in honor of Bobby.

We always start discussing the next years trip as soon as the current one is complete. During the winter months we’ll get together over lunch once or twice and plan the details. We all look forward to it with great anticipation.

Various members of the Moose Patrol usually ride together each Sunday. It may be on a South Shore or Blackstone Valley HOG ride, or venture out on or own. When we’re on our own, we may be joined by others for the day. These rides are usually lead by Jeff F., Jack M or Walter B. All Moose are welcome to pick a destination and lead a ride, most, however are born followers.