About Us

The OFR (Old Fart Riders of Massachusetts) is not an official club, we are a group of guys and gals that have one major mutual love. That is the love of Motorcycling.

We have no officers, no annual dues, no treasury, and no written rules. What we have is a common respect for one another. The OFR has no national or local affiliations. The OFR endorses no products nor do we require any brand loyalty to ride with us.

If you are an Old Fart, or Fartette, own a motorcyle (make and model does not matter), a safe rider, have a good attitude and looking for some like minded people to ride with, we would be happy to have you join us. Remember being an Old Fart has to do with “Spirit” not age.

The OFR gather every Thursday at Mo’s Place (formerly Sam’s Restaurant) on Rte. 27 in Hanson, Ma. at 9:00 am. There we enjoy a breakfast and following breakfast we usually go ride our motorcycles together.

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contact us by e-mailing: cc@ofrnation.com