New Video…

Tomorrow (11 Nov. 2013) Is Veterans Day. So to celebrate I spent several hours last nite and many more today making this video. It’s a recap Of OFR/Nation’s Annual Rolling Thunder Trip. I think you’ll love the song and the band playing it. If you go full screen and I recommend you do set quality to at least 720p. I named the video Star Spangled (OFR) Nation

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4 Responses to New Video…

  1. mongo says:

    Dana; Great job,terrific song to go with the video.Watched the following videos also. A nice way to spend a rainy day. Now if you can just resist the urge to take pictures of people with food in their mouths…

  2. "CC" says:

    anything you say “donut” boy….thanx Mongo

  3. Peter Platt says:

    Dana: really excellent! You’ve always picked good music but Madison Rising’s rendition is terrific. In FL for a few weeks & it’s been enjoyable to review your videos but especially this one! Lots of bikes down here on Marco Island. Missing my Fatboy. Cap (Pete Platt)

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