New Fotos, New Foto Album, New Category…

…The Old Fart Riders Of Massachusetts would like to welcome the Old Fart Riders Of California’s 1st Foto Album to the Old Fart Riders Foto Gallery. So with no further adieu there are 27 new fotos in the foto album: OFR/CAL Vegas Bike Trip.

(click on foto to enlarge)

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6 Responses to New Fotos, New Foto Album, New Category…

  1. SOFR2008 says:

    Well, looks like our So. Cal. Old Fart Riders know how to enjoy the local Vegas Flower and Fauna..

    p.s. I might add that Bill has taken the Senior Old Fart Rider status to a whole new level.
    Ah, the West Coast!

  2. Rough Rider says:

    How come are rides never end up at the LOVE Ranch

  3. Rough Rider says:

    Looks like one hell of a fun group

  4. "CC" says:

    …talk with your ride leader…also could be that The Love Ranch is in Nevada…

  5. Bill Walsh says:

    When the East comes West we will be your Tour Guides and show you around.There is about 40 of us that ride & have a good time.If any of you end up in Southern Cal let me know and we will hook up.We have a Bike Night every Wed night and are also called the “Irish Mob”

  6. "CC" says:

    …sounds like a plan

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