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…The following was submitted by Dave T of the OFR/NC (Central) Chapter. Thanks Dave…
Members of the Central Carolina OFR will meet up with members of the Coastal Carolina OFR for a meet and greet in Rockingham, NC on the 25th. It’s past time we got together so we can tell tales and swap lies.
Several of us from the Central Carolina OFR will be loving life at Thunder in the Valley Motorcycle Rally, Sep 2012. Time to ride the Dragon and several other mountain trails.
Sharon and I went for a weekend in July, over 900 miles in 3 short and very hot days, air temp gauge on bike was at 105 for the ride home – I miss the hills -. My loving wife sent me on my first helo ride and when I grow up that’s what I want to do.
Can’t wait to come and visit with ya’ll in August, just one Thursday ride this year but will be there in spirit for each of your rides.
Dave and Sharon

This story appears on the website www.ofrnation.com so make sure you check this website weekly for updates…the aforementioned website was developed for use by all Chapetrs Of OFR Nation and is slowly coming along…

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One Response to …OFR/NC News…

  1. SOFR2008 says:

    OMG! Both NC Groups together! Lookout, North Carolina will never be the same.

    Take photos!

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